We’re a small team aiming to fight big in 2016. Over the past year, we’ve put in place some world class partnerships. Our longstanding pros have been bolstered by new championship winning experts. We’re ambitiously gunning for steady progress up the grid. But we’ll do it differently. We have to. We are not an automotive giant with thousands of people; we’re a small agile and inventive engineering-led team. Efficiency is everything: on and off the track. The Manor Racing team relentlessly looks to eke out every single performance gain, whether a race driver or a truck driver; whether a technical director or a commercial manager. We all work together to improve our collective performance to close every single gap. We are racers. Are you?

Line manager: Lead Software Engineer

Main purpose:  The role sits in the Engineering Software Department, which provides software solutions to different engineering areas of the team. The Software Engineer will interact mostly with the Vehicle Science and Race Engineering departments, but other crucial areas such as Aerodynamics and the Design Office will be customers too. The successful candidates will analyse and find solutions for a wide range of software development areas that directly impact the performance of the car: from the implementation of our vehicle model and simulation tools in close cooperation with our Vehicle Science department, to the development of our own race strategy software, to the design of communication tools which strengthen the interaction across engineering areas both in the factory and at the track.

Core tasks:

  • Implementation of the vehicle model developed by Vehicle Science.

  • Design and development of our own lap simulation software in conjunction with our Vehicle Science department.

  • Design and development of our own race strategy software following the specifications defined by our Race Engineering department.

Design and development of inter departmental communication tools.

Other tasks:

  • Design and development of ad hoc tools as specified by the requesting department.

  • Provide factory based software support during race and test events.

Measures of success:

  • Quality of the software developed.

  • Adherence to the tight deadlines of the business.

  • Efficiency and proactivity in the interaction with the customer departments.

  • Ability to work both independently and in small development teams.

Key relationships:

The successful candidates will need to interact daily with Vehicle Science and often with Race Engineering. Other engineering and design departments will have ad hoc interactions with them. Good communication with co-developers and customer departments will be key to this role.

General provisions:

  • Ensure that all information concerning customers, employees and activities within the business are treated as confidential.

  • Promote and comply with all policies and supporting procedures.

  • Ensure that the Health and Safety Policies, Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines are managed correctly and adhered to at all time.

The duties of the post and job description will be regularly reviewed.

Qualifications and skills: 



  • Excellent BSc (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics) or BEng (Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering)


  • Excellent MEng or MSc in the above mentioned disciplines.

  • Strong background in applied Mathematics, Statistics or Physics



The successful candidates will be:

  • Proficient at C-based programming languages in Microsoft environment.

  • Able to use Matlab.

  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Having a strongly analytical mind.

  • Excellent with their attention to detail.

  • Flexible both in mindset and readiness to work a variety of working hours.

  • Able to work under pressure.


  • Able to understand basic vehicle dynamics concepts.

  • Knowledgeable in network protocols.



The successful candidates will have:

  • Previous experience in developing client-server applications.


  • Previous experience in decision-making algorithms.